Hello! My name is Lia!

I was born in 1987, 9 of April, in the city that has name Naberezhnye Chelny.

In 1996 when I was 9 years old, because of my illness my leg became blue in colour. I could not feel it. I remember some moments when I had a feeling as if a needle was stuck into it. Finally, after a long treatment, it was decided to amputate the leg. However, before the amputation, I managed to stand and I walked during all the night through the dark halls of the hospital God gave me the chance to feel both legs for the last time. Maybe you think that it is unreal story and I composed it just to touch your hearts, but it’s a real story. It is your choice to believe me or not. You will ask me how I felt after amputation. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I opened the quilt and looked at the leg, there was not 1 leg. I screamed heavily, tried to stand on my legs, I cried that I want to walk on my feet. In order to make me calm doctors tied my hands and gave me medicine. That was how everything has happened. But it was not the end. My leg was stitched not well so the doctors made one more operation to my leg. There were no more tears. I had a strong feeling to move fingers in the amputated leg. This feeling disappeared in few years. Nowadays the pain in my leg depends on the weather.

I remember that in my childhood I was paying my attention to crippled men and I always wanted to help them. It was the signs from God I think. Once, at school, one pair of my shoe was burnt. My mother sewed me leggings both legs turned out to be different. Perhaps, it was my fate, may be it was the surgeons fault. Now it is the question that has no answer.

My life went on in a different way. First, I was moved by the help of invalidate stroller. Then, I was moving with the help of crutches. In 1 year I started to learn to move myself on prosthesis, but sometimes I was just jumping on one leg. Nowadays Rarely I use crutches as well because my leg gets tired of the prosthesis.

After finishing school I went to the cultural college to the orchestra department.
Life in music is not easy. You need stubbornness, patience and strong desire of course. I helped my fellow students sometimes, because I was the most hardworking person among them.
I could not help crying when something went wrong or when the teachers asked a lot from me. I was not invited to any discos. But I did not despair. I tried to solve the problem of loneliness. It may sound strange, but my girlfriends came to me to ask for a piece of advice when they had problems in their personal life. I was very pleased to help them. I felt as if I was a psychologist. My personal feelings and emotions had been written in my personal diary. Maybe I will show you some pages from it.
I did not feel regret from anybody or maybe I did not want to see it. In my memory I have just pleasant moments and compliments.
When I had my first experience at school children asked me what was wrong with my leg. I just smiled and answered that I felt some pain in it. They did not ask me anything anymore. They wanted me to teach them, but finally I lost my job, because nobody wants to deal with a disabled person. I closed the door of the school.
My love to music died for some time. But now I get a new impulse, I started to play the piano.

I can play the guitar; I like to write poems, songs, read different books, go to the gym. I like to sunbathe, to walk on the sand barefooted. I have never been in the sea, but I dream to go to different countries.

I live the present life and you see me open to you and have no complexes. I am glad to have such group of people who are interested in me as an amputee model. That is why I have made this page. I know that there are people who appreciate such photos and videos. I hope you will like everything!

You can write your comments, wishes here.

Best wishes Lia!